According to The Thirsty,


the individual fandom names are:

Jaebum- JBaes

Mark- Marketeers/*Tunas



Youngjae -Youngstars/Youngsters


Yugyeom- Yuggummies

What do you think?

I’m actually really digging JBaes and Jinsanity because I really love puns.

happy birthday, hongbin!! ☆ you never cease to amaze me. you’re kind, wise, talented, diligent, thoughtful, funny, adorable—i could go on for a while. i admire you so much, your dedication and your skills and the way you think. just by seeing you, or hearing you sing, i get really happy, and you give me a lot of strength every single day. so i hope you’re always aware of how meaningful you are. 

i love you and i’m grateful that you are vixx’s vocalist & professional giggle machine. to me, you’re the star that shines the absolute brightest. thank you for being lee hongbin. ♡ #HAPPY_KONGDAY

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